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PROTECT breathe easy

SKU 444848

Perfectly sized for little noses, our PROTECT breathe easy is designed to clear congestion and ease discomfort

    • gently clears baby's nose
    • safe & soft 100% silicone tip is perfectly sized for little noses
    • easy disassembly for thorough cleaning
    • 4 disposable filters included to prevent the transfer of mucus, bacteria & germs
    • suitable for 0m+
    • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free
  • During the early stages, baby will breathe solely through their nose, a blocked nose can interrupt sleep and feeding time, as well as cause discomfort for your baby. Perfectly sized for little noses, our PROTECT breathe easy is designed to clear congestion and ease discomfort. The 100% soft silicone tip is delicate on tiny nostrils to gently clear baby’s nose quickly and effectively, perfect for when they are unable to clear it themselves.

    100% soft silicone tip is perfectly sized and safe for baby’s tiny nostrils.

    Easy to disassemble for hygienic cleaning, simply pop onto the top rack of your dishwasher and sterilise using UV, microwave, steam or cold-water methods.


    • If mucus is dry, try moistening with a saline solution
    • Place the nozzle at the entrance of baby’s nostril (but not inside), next to any visible mucus
    • Suck through the mouthpiece. You can vary the pressure – it is not possible to over-suck, but you should never connect it to an electronic vacuum or blow into the mouthpiece. The mucus will then collect hygienically in the sealed chamber


    • do not push the nozzle into baby’s nostril
    • suck through the mouthpiece but never blow into it
    • our breathe easy is for use on the nose only, not mouths or ears
    • breathe easy contains small parts so please keep out of reach of children
      • Cleaning & Care: Replace the filter after every use. See instruction manual for full cleaning & care advice. Suitable for all methods of sterilisation. Top rack dishwasher safe (max 65ºc)
      • Suitable from: 0m+

      Included in the pack: 1 x PROTECT breathe easy, 4 x spare filters, 1 x travel case

    • If you’re reading this you probably need some help… Download our instruction manual or contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.